Charly, bankmanagerin, 29, Tyrol


It is a crucial moment when you suddenly realized that you only thought that you were meditating but never meditating “correctly”. Very valuable – and so I can describe the entire time that I have spent in the education of meditation and consciousness trainer: valuable. For the whole life. Thanks to the meditation and the awareness that I have gained here, a lot has changed in my life. Also, through access to Ayurveda, I am living healthier and feel fitter and more alive because I better understand what is doing me good, and what is not. The regularly practiced meditation protects, answers to questions (which one does not have to put actively) and gives strength. I’ve always felt and felt a lot, but now I can handle it better and understand more. You meet with different people over the course of time and you can learn something from many, but conversations with Rai are different, very inspiring and eyes open.

Katarina Pfister, Hotelmanagerin, 31


Rather, by chance, I came across Rai in September & amp; Rai then brought us to the meditation in a 2-day seminar. I was thrilled & amp; Then the education for meditation & amp; Awareness trainer. In the beginning it was difficult to meditate every morning – but now I can not imagine it without. It is now part of my life to do so (as well as Ayurveda) – to go to me calmly & amp; The first few minutes a day do not start with stress but simply devote myself.My sensitivity to my body has become much better – the general state of health is no longer comparable with earlier. My family also benefits fully – all in all a big change but no longer thinking about it !!

Sebastian, selfemployed, Bavaria, 31


There is a way of truth & amp; The love of life and self-meditation Meditation has changed everything in my life so far. From health on the physical level to the spiritual or mental recovery which is still progressing and is likely to be years-old. (Should you ever be completed … .. ..) The question is, what has changed in life? The answer is, life is the same, even the environment (the world) in which one lives is the same, and yet – does everything change …? The effort to experience oneself in meditation, to experience oneself – to live and love to learn, gave me a new consciousness. The reality showed me that the dissatisfaction in my life came therefore & amp; Comes, that my “own reality” stood in my way, and part still stands. The illusion (who I am, and who I really am is) always really differ from reality, so also with me. It is the greatest challenge in our lives to “get to know” your body with all your thoughts, affections, dislikes, desires, ideas, expectations, fears, illusions, emotions and entanglements to yourself, its location and its environment to understand better. Meditation helps us. Those who know the causes of suffering can also fight you. According to the principle: What a man sows, he will also reap. The love for oneself and the “love for life” that will be experienced in meditation will bear fruits and also enter into daily life. It is a joy to learn daily “self” what life means, and great joy with and for everyone who sets out to recognize and experience this. Thank God, thank you all mystics & amp; Saints, thanks to all the teachers & amp; Yogis, and all faith brothers who spread and proclaim the truth. Great thanks and appreciation especially to Teacher Rai, who is tirelessly fighting and with much love & amp; Effort is always there. A Happy & Blessed life for us all

Michael, young and motivated, Tyrol


When I met my friend Rai for the first time together with a good friend, I was marked by dissatisfaction. Drowsiness determined my everyday life and I tried to find the cause for it in different things … but not with myself.Rai encourages my understanding that I am my own blacksmith, and has sparked in me a spark of confidence that developed through love, steadfastness, and humility. Many things that saddened me before, I can now smile at, and look forward to all the other things that may come, even if it is not always convenient and easy.

Anja, 35, singer and songwriter,


Before meditation came into my life there was a penetrating restlessness in me – day and night. I tried everything. Autogenic training, sport, energetic, slept excessively … but the unrest remained. I told my music colleague about it and he said “Try it with meditation, I know someone ….” Ok but I can do it alone, I thought to myself and tried to meditate on Youtube videos – the unrest remained. No trace of an improvement … So came the day of my first meditation lesson. Since then my life has changed completely. Everything flows (mostly). Silence reigns in me, even if everyday life is so turbulent. Meditation is not just sitting still and breathing. Meditation is merciless, it glows in every dark corner of the soul, it leads you to the inner core to experience real freedom. I meditate ever since. Meditation is my guide. If it does not work so well, I know that a “mental fine adjustment” is pending and I know who can help me. At Rai I appreciate his clarity and his sensitivity. I often wonder how much he always hits the mark … but so many internal conflicts are solved in the shortest possible time. And it can just keep flowing – free and without any inner unrest.

Walter, 39, IT-Manager, Vienna


On yoga and meditation, I rather happened to be on a journey, I had hardly connected anything interesting with it before. At that time maybe a small spark was ignited and I have been very interested in these topics since then. Afterwards, I have seen various offers and courses, also to keep me busy with meditation. Ultimately, however, my thought was mostly: Was it all? There must be more behind it! As luck would have it, I did not have to take a long way to India, but I discovered the meditation school Rai near Kufstein. And I was not disappointed: After my personal experience, I still do not know a comparable place where you can learn meditation better. In very personal individual hours one is led to the state of meditation. But beware, this has nothing to do with wellness! Meditation does not turn out to be mere nice relaxation. You are not spared the trouble of sharing your own fears. But there is and also the meditation teacher who accompanies you. If you want to go beyond it and do not only want to practice meditation, but also want to pass it on, the meditation school Rai also offers training as meditation trainer and teacher. In doing so, one gets the necessary armaments, in order to be able to lead people to the meditation in the future. The course will cover the topics of Western and Indian philosophy and psychology, you will get to know the human body more closely, study the various Yoga techniques related to mediation, and learn a lot about the practical approach to how to pass this knowledge. And last but not least, the training provides a valuable contribution to your own personality development. So you learn not only much about meditation, but also about your self! Finally, I would like to say that the step to regular meditation practice can only really be recommended, it is an enrichment for life. Rai, the director of the Mediation School, is an excellent teacher and mentor and tries to pass on meditation as authentic as possible. This meditation experience is difficult to put into words, it will enrich your daily life and is then an integral part of life!

Nathalie, socialworker, Linz, 24


When I first experienced meditation, it was almost overwhelming. It surpassed me pure and true feelings, which I have so far only felt in exceptional situations. It almost made me dizzy. Just as if you are freshly in love, for example, and you feel warm about your heart at the thought of this one human being. This is one of the emotions that comes close to meditation. Except for the difference that this feeling is not triggered and dependent on another person, it seemed to come from myself. I felt incredibly at home. At the same time, I became aware of the burdens of the responsibility which I had now faced. In meditation I felt and recognized parts of the truth. The responsibility I had from now on was essential and I knew that it would not make sense to close me in front of her. Now I went the way to the truth. To lend myself or to do something to me would not lead me from now on, it would just increase my ego. Even if this path seemed difficult for me and even frightened me, it felt right and good. I felt that I could only live, love, and be true. In everyday life, there were always hurdles, either from the environment or from myself. Meditation helped me to come back, to what is really important and thus to overcome the hurdles. In this way, for example, I managed to free myself from the dependency of the parents. Of their expectations to me, the bulk of which was heart and love, but braked me on my own way. I learned to accept and let go. Without the help of meditation and the support I received, I would not have gone so far. And I am still far from the goal. Only I alone are responsible for my happiness. This thought is very liberating.

Dominik, 23, Salesmanager, Tyrol


In the meditation I found a “place” in me, which is simply free and genuine. When meditating, there is no compulsion, no preconceived opinions, no time and, above all, no ego-thinking. Only my true self and God. Often also long after the meditation I am accompanied by a serenity and freedom, which I so far did not know. If all people meditate, many problems / conflicts would disappear from the outset in voidness. Meditation is freedom. Meditation is peace. Meditation is life quality and joy. Meditation is the bridge to God and the true self, and above all: meditation is real!

Bianca, mother and housewife, 29, Tyrol


A funny open-minded girl that was always for fun to have and constantly enjoyed the life …. Yes this girl was once I …. Until the day X came and changed my life.I suffered 10 years under constant panic, Angstattacken uvm . I could not feel myself anymore, it felt like I was not really there. How can I say not really alive and not really death. I made therapies ran from one “healer to the next” none could help me and then it was for a few hours. I always sought help in the outside, and thought someone else could cure me. Like many people I did a lot (negative). There were moments in my life where I just could not go on and just could not anymore. But my faith in God and a power that there is never left me. And I was conscious of the need to act and love. Just as God wanted and for that I am infinitely grateful !!! He led me to a person of mine Has helped me by dedicating me to the “TRUE MEDITATION” and YOGA. He made it clear to me that I can only find and heal my peace and my being by going to “INN”. And I can say today, I’m doing well very well even of fear and panic no more trace. Pain is alleviated or even cured. And from day to day, more and more things become clearer especially my mind! And who I really am … I can only say sorry if you go badly and it does not know any more far away at raimund he knows what he is doing and what he is talking about … he is truly a gift from heaven to us human beings … and believe me: It is no shame if someone mentally sorry “shit” goes! Thanks!

Christian, self-employed, 47


Rai, for my personal development, especially in my dealing with other people, whos behaviors I couldnt understand mostly and I felt like used by their egoism, meeting you and leranting Yoga and Meditation through you, what I still practice mainly, was a milestone in my personal evolution.

Thomas, 55, near Cologne, Germany, businessman


I meditate for about 3 years, every morning after getting up – I take about half an hour , doing some Yoga-/ stretching exercises and then sit down on my pillow and try to get breathing and thoughts alone. Meanwhile, it became a genuine need to meditate – it belongs to the beginning of the day as brushing your teeth …. But it also includes the discipline to make it easy to always ! It is always good , even if often (usually) the thoughts flow and I’ll very rarely really thought empty and very quiet and the feeling of getting to be entirely up to me and up to the third eye and higher ” rise ” to the inside. But if it works – and perhaps even extends the experience that you will experience the one or two times and the special feeling of happiness has come to know this – it is always a very special gift . Even if this is 100% “success” very rare, causes the regular meditation definitely more presence, more inner awareness and more focus on myself, more peace , more self-awareness – I let flow the thoughts that do not annoy me about ( because they belong to me yes ) and sort / arrange often automatically doing these many images of thought , that’s good . Often the feeling of gratitude is for my life, for the gift of meditation , for so much of what goes unnoticed otherwise – that it would be alone is worth.

Igorius, Bosnia-Herzogowina / Tyrol, 32, self-employed


The attentive listening, in itself, in gratitude and appreciation. Self-love is the same charity, could like you’ll never dream of it to an extent! All theories of the world you do not help nearly to one ounce of practice this blissful blessing! All under one roof! Thank you

Christian, Manager in the tourist branch, 40, Upperaustria


Meditation is for me a daily rest in the busy life. I can focus my thoughts, whether professional or private, on the essentials in life and provides a deep sense of peace in me. My former mainly focus on acquiring material things which are beautiful, but bring no lasting happiness has dropped dramatically. Over time, the daily meditation I give even more attention to my diet, a more sustainable and greener lifestyle. Meditation was easy to learn form e and with continuity, a significant increase in the quality of life is felt quickly.

Beatrix, 50, Germany / Tyrol, Yogatrainer


It is time of the green meadow and the sandy beach to come to reality and to recognize himself, which makes us and brings us further. I am grateful for every experience and for the hard times even in meditation, because they have helped me to get a clear view and to accept with love what is, without quarrel or doubt what is probably the best for me. To live in peace and to be peaceful is my desire in life, and it became easier since I meditate daily me

Joseph, 31, sales management, Tyrol


My name is Joseph, I am engaged in the sale and sitting for 13 years professionally in front of a computer. Why Meditation and how it has changed my life? As anyone who is under constant pressure and suffers from restlessness with the resulting diseases, also I have tried everything possible to switch off. Real success I have achieved only with the properly practiced meditation and breathing exercises. In my case, it was equally apparent result of properly and regularly practiced meditation: more serenity and calm, eliminating long-standing pain, reduction of permanent nervousness, regular and restful sleep, strengthen the immune system and the psyche as well as abandonment or reduction of stimulants (alcohol, nicotine, Energy drink’s and coffee). So far, drugs taken could not bring about this success.

Angelika, 39, Dipl. Social Worker, Tyrol


I look back and see a nervous , tired woman who does not sleep well , is whiny and often sad is often ill, has Panikattcken and clings to any esoteric quackery to get out of this Come out distress. Without success , however ! The world view and self- image of this woman is so twisted , she thinks she is on a good Way, but at heart she knows that ‘s not true and that makes them so desperately . Since God has sent her a teacher. He has learned to meditate. And lo and behold ! The woman alive! The woman I am and I am very grateful that it is now but one road to freedom for me. Since then, I meditate daily. My worldview and self- image has turned and everything was new at the beginning . I felt like I was in love with everything. I often had the feeling as if I had a gray veil before my eyes , and also has disappeared . I see color! Thanks meditation I can sleep through the night in the night, my defenses are stable and I have no more panic attacks. I can laugh again from the heart and listen again to music. Also a conscious and healthy eating have become important to me. Cooking and baking makes me happy and my family eats now “different” (soup for breakfast) . I ‘m back more in my middle , and that feels good. It’s as if I was swimming along a river, sometimes an obstacle – a Driftwood in me my course , but thanks to the strength I draw from the meditation , I try not easy to get out , but to overcome the obstacle and weiterzuschwimmen . From my heart Thank God Thank you Raimund

Maria, 35, self-employed, Tyrol


A personal review Since my husband is a meditation teacher , I am often asked whether I meditate because . My answer is: Yes ! Because if not , then we would indeed speak the same language , but could not understand us. At the very beginning of my meditation practice was 5 mins almost unbearable . Remain ten minutes sitting quietly and only to breathing and concentrate itself appeared to me at that time still a waste of time . There were so much more important . Of course at that time I did not have the maturity and mental clarity. But I would have achieved without this meditation? Almost certainly not . Short to my history : I was (or still am a bit ) a very inconsistent person and discipline was not exactly my forte. In addition, I have looked over the years built up a very popular ego with which I could survive quite well and quite well supported by my personal life was there.” I make the world as it pleases me,” so I was on it. With this reality had nothing to do and I got every now and then the bill served … but to change something in my setup ? Why is that? I can convince myself that I’m fine and as long as there are other people who think everything is a yes in the order. Well, but not in reality. After years of lying to himself was the emptiness in me so great that the knowledge that only God can help me was inevitable. It was time for something to change , but the resulting headwind on society was enormous and has often set me back . Dealing with my subconscious and ego was often drive to from the skin. The daily exercise in meditation, as I said, difficult in the beginning . In the meantime, I meditate for 8 years and I am enjoying this time . What exactly happened is a very personal thing and should only be with his teacher , it needs to all cases discussed. I can only say it has saved my life . Difficulties in life always come back , but the strength and the confidence to master this , you can win in meditation. Insignificant things are simply relative . It is not always everything Pleasant, materialism and capitalism are everywhere. But you have the choice of what you choose. Had I decided to go without my husband this way I do not know … maybe . In any case, I am more than grateful.

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